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A sanitary environment reduces the cumulative risk of transmission of infection posed by micro-organisms in that environment. Outbreaks of infection have been associated with environmental

contamination. Most micro-organisms are found in dust and dirt, so disinfecting and sterilizing alone can often cause significant reductions in the amount of organisms in the environment. Hands regularly come into contact with surfaces. If hands are not washed, they will transfer any organisms present. This risk is always present, but will increase if disinfection is neglected.

BIONASCEPT Disinfection and Sterilization Services

is one of the leading disinfection and sterilization companies in United Arab Emirates. We are using environmental friendly, high grade disinfectants, which is the BIONASCEPT DISINFECTANT, in combination with Nano technology through misting or fogging, to disinfect surfaces that are tough to reach areas in residential and commercial facilities. Since our chemical is water based, any facility can be reoccupied fifteen minutes after completion of treatment.

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